Physical Therapy-

At Just Be Fit, Inc. Physical Therapy, our mission is to restore our clients’ independence through expert evaluations, motivation and state-of-the-art equipment. We provide comprehensive physical therapy services to treat our clients at every stage of rehabilitation, from preventative care to acute and chronic injuries. We individualize our treatment plans to help you return to the lifestyle you want in the best possible condition.

The Just Be Fit Difference

We understand what it’s like to be injured, and that time is an issue—both finding the time to complete a therapy program and the time it takes to heal an injury. We use contemporary techniques to efficiently and effectively return you to your life. We recognize your pain is unique, and your treatment plan will be too.

Medicare and Most Insurance Accepted

As a courtesy to our patients, we will verify insurance coverage for you. For quick and easy verification of benefits, please call 847-444-1348. Our friendly and helpful customer care staff will be happy to verify your healthcare benefits. Patient benefits are verified prior to the start of treatment and individualized payment plans are available to those without coverage; we’ll work with you to accommodate your individual needs.

Exercise Based Rehabilitation-

  • *Cash Based Program
  • *Perfect for High Deductibles
  • *Great for when insurance stops reimbursing

This is an affordable program that allows patients to continue to work on the gains made in physical therapy once their insurance benefits stop. This program can also benefit a patient who is either out of network or a patient with a high deductible. This program is still administered by therapists one on one for 50 minutes.

EBR is a combination of rehabilitation techniques and functional exercise to accelerate the patient’s recovery and improve strength, flexibility, balance and overall healing, while being instructed by a licensed Physical therapist.

Our therapists use an integrative approach to build a corrective exercise program that will come to be your patient’s lifelong arsenal in combating the aging process and those pains that plague them.

Massage Therapy-

**Insurance might cover massages at Just Be Fit, Inc**

Full Body Swedish- A classic massage that utilizes a combination of firm pressure in conjunction with long, rolling and percussive strokes. The body is taken into a total state of relaxation and sense of well being.

Soft Tissue Therapy- This method of focuses on locating and eradicating trigger points, dissipating muscle spasms. Soft pressure and friction are used to break down the spasm, thus restoring muscular strength, while increasing the joint range of motion.

Sports Massage- This massage aids in the recovery of overworked muscles. Sports specific massage can help increase range of motion, joint flexibility, and aid in injury prevention.

Therapeutic Massage – Focuses on muscular strains and sprains, tendonitis, inflammation, muscle imbalances, acute-chronic injuries and overuse syndromes.

Neuromuscular Therapy or Trigger Point Massage- This is a deep tissue massage focusing on points of spasm in muscles causing deep pain that may also refer to other areas of the body. Especially effective for injuries that have long healed, and still cause muscle spasms. Trigger points can help alleviate pain from everyday use of the bodies’ musculature.